There’s a reason 98% of Republic members stay with us each month, even without a contract.

"Honestly, Republic seemed too good to be true..."

"The prices were so much better than the major carriers. But, the experience has been excellent. The price is great and I love the flexibility to change quickly if I need to. The coverage is broader than most people think, and the use of your home network saves a lot of money."

Dione M., Member since 2016

Saving for more important things

Since 2011, our members have collectively saved over $500 million by switching to Republic Wireless. With their savings, they’ve gone on epic vacations, paid for their children’s college tuitions, bought their dream homes, and even adopted babies. What could you do with your savings?

Happiness guarantee

We don’t believe in contracts, so we won’t lock you into one.  Even without a contract, 98% of our members choose to stay with us monthly. Dissatisfied with your service or experience? Let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it right. Cancel any time, with no penalties or termination fees.

Award-winning customer support

Republic gives you access to 100% US-based support, 24/7. Get answers when you need them from our Member Community, user-friendly help documentation, or directly from a trained Customer Expert. If your question is better resolved over the phone, we’ll schedule a callback with a technician. Never spend your valuable time waiting on hold again.

We've got your back

We appreciate your business, and take seriously our responsibility to protect your privacy and personal information. We employ strict data protection practices to ensure that our members' personal information is secure at every turn. And, we will never sell, rent, or lease your personal data to third party.

Start your savings story

We believe that your hard-earned money is better spent on the important things in life - not on your cell phone bill. Join Republic Wireless today, and let us help you save for your next great adventure.

Change your plan as your plans change. Add data right from your phone.

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Don’t take our word for it - hear what our members have to say

"$1,800 in saving."

Switched to Republic five years ago, saving $30/month over my previous carrier for a total of $1,800 in my RW savings.

Steven D.
Member since 2014
"100% in my price range"

You guys are 100% in my price range and SO helpful... From a normal guy trying to lead a budget-friendly life... it's VERY appreciated.

Sean D.
Member since 2015
"Saved thousands"

Republic Wireless has saved me thousands of dollars. Before I joined I was paying $120/month for less. Today I pay for 2 phones around $50.

Rebecca M.
Member since 2013
"Great service"

Great service coverage, and no dropped calls - even in the middle of nowhere!

Kerri H.
Member since 2018
"Always reliable"

Always reliable with coverage nationwide. Great service, no fee increases, or unexpected surprises.

John R.
Member since 2012
"The best part is coverage"

I always have better service than friends who are with the larger providers.

Shelly L.
Member since 2015
"You can't get a better deal"

It's nice and convenient to be able to get more data if I need to, and for only $5, you can't get a better deal!

Kevin T.
Member since 2014
"Able to add extra data"

I like being able to choose how big my bill is... [and being] able to add extra data in the middle of the billing cycle if I need to.

Carter J.
Member since 2017
"Flexibility to change my plan"

Very inexpensive compared to other cell companies and I have the flexibility to change my plan whenever I need to.

Cassie J.
Member since 2014

Switching to Republic Wireless could be the best decision you make this week.

Collectively, our community has saved over 500 million dollars on their cell phone bills since 2011. Join them today, and start saving for the more important things in your life.

Flexible plans

Change your plan as your plans change. Add data right from your phone.

Predictable bills

Overages are a four-letter word at Republic. You, and only you, decide if you want more data for just $5 per GB.

No surprise fees

Unlike other carriers, you'll never pay us bogus activation or line access fees. We simply don't believe in them.