Enjoy Peace of Mind with Phone Protection Coverage

Phone Protection Membership Plan

To safeguard your phone against crashes, splashes, dashes, and other reasons, consider getting a Phone Protection Membership Plan from our partner, Fortegra®*. The unique benefit of this Phone Protection Membership Plan is that it allows you to apply phone protection coverage to your new or existing device.

The eligibility of your phone can quickly be determined using the Fortegra Diagnostic Test. Once approved and enrolled, your phone is covered and can be replaced quickly and easily.

Plan Price: $7.99 / month

Additional Program Features

'No Hassle' Customer Experience

Thanks to our 'No Hassle' customer experience, your mobile lifestyle stays on track... no matter what.

SafeStore Cloud BackupTM

Securely store your irreplaceable memories - With shared space for up to 10 devices. SafeStore Cloud Backup is roomy and inviting!

Family Security

Keep the family close - With anti-theft and location monitoring, your loved ones are always within reach.

Fortegra Diagnostic Test

Contact Republic Wireless about purchasing a protection membership plan.
Republic Wireless directs you to Fortegra's registration webpage to purchase plan.
Fortegra sends an SMS to your phone to install and run the Fortegra Diagnostic Test.
Run the diagnostic test on your phone via the Fortegra Diagnostic Test.
If your phone passes, your protection plan is activated.